My purpose is to help creatives of all kinds portray the essence of who they are and empower what they have to offer in the world. I am opening to a new chapter of working with non-traditional creatives, including dancers, yoga instructors, healers, and other artists. As I continue to create a space of collaboration with my clients and for my business, the world becomes bigger with more possibilities.


To me, photography is many things: a journey of personal growth and transformation, a means of interacting more deeply with our surroundings, and a way of expressing creativity. Photography is a mirror of one’s self and a window into our world, developing our self-awareness and deepening our engagement with the people around us.


That’s why I love portraiture, because it reaches inside an individual to a place gone too quickly. When a moment comes that expresses the heart of the subject, I click the shutter, saving that special expression of the human soul to add to my client’s story.


A year after my son, Nicholas, was born I started my professional photography career with a portrait studio. My Little World Photography, capturing the monumental moments of families, would one day transform into my portraiture business, Christina McFaul Photography. Knowing that those children would look back at my photos and see the bond between them and their people filled my cup to overflowing! I was helping families create a legacy that would be passed down for generations to come. What a gift and honor it has been to work with all my clients and what an incredible feeling to know I am living into my why.


I love supporting clients in transforming their vision into images, and empowering them to grow financially through their own authentic expression. Whether I’m helping a new business owner tell their story, a yoga instructor share the power of transformation, or capturing a newborn and the first bonds made between family, this special image becomes part of a person’s unique story. Give the gift of forever in a picture worth more than words can ever express. The photos you take today will be vitally important to your creative business, your family and your history for many generations to come.

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