Sanctuary in the Wild

I was gifted with a childhood that fostered a lifelong bond with nature.  Far from my home in San Diego, the rainforests of Costa Rica speak to me in many ways, heard and unheard.  The sound of water rushes over rocks downstream like a lullaby, the leaf of a plant waves hello without a single gust of wind, the warm water of hot springs cradles my body as if mother earth herself is holding me in her arms.  Through these images, I hope to rekindle a sense of childlike wonder,  and spark a remembrance that we are part of nature, not separate from it.   While making these pictures, I witnessed my boys in a whole new way.  I noticed them in moments of peace, stillness, contemplation, and being one with nature.  These visions are imprinted in my mind’s eye and whisper in my ear that life is meant to be simple, easeful, and lived in harmony with our environment.  


I wonder if my boys will always be this carefree and if these sanctuaries will be here when they have their own children.  Will they dig in the mud, explore a little patch of forest, or catch frogs and crawdads in the stream?  The mud will wash off, but the memories will last forever.