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Exhibition curated by Keith Carter opens today!

Exhibition opens today! So much gratitude to Texas Photographic Society and the juror, Keith Carter for including my image, Sanctuary in the Wild in the Exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Arts. I am especially celebrating this moment given that Keith Carter is high up on the list of photographers that deeply resonate with me and have influenced my art.

His images merge reality and the fantastic with references to mythology, fairytales, and Southern folklore. He also has many new bodies of work that tap into his human experience where he explores new ways and mediums to express the way he sees the world.

Carter once said: “I come out of a documentary tradition, but after awhile I wanted to put my own stamp on things. It became clear to me that the subject matter I really cared about had to do with a sense of place, of geography, of the animal world, of the spiritual world and the elements of theology and folklore.”

Congratulations to all the other talented photographers in the show. This will be an incredible curation not to be missed! If you stop please send me some photos since I will sadly not be able to travel for California to Texas.

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