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✨ Magical Evening at Life Cycles exhibition ✨

✨ Magical Evening at Life Cycles exhibition . ✨

Thank you to LACP for bringing all of this together and creating a beautiful space for community to gather. Curated by juror Andrea Gyorody from Weisman museum of art.

Friends from all stages and seasons of my life came to the opening night. My dear high school friend Carmen Silva & Gary Milton (My chosen lake family) - we reminisced about childhood stories, the rope swing that recently came down with the tree during all the rain this season, and of course all the shenanigans at the lake. My soul sister, Sarafena & her partner came out to support and my beautiful community of photographers were there. So grateful, so happy, so blessed.

Congratulations again to the Exhibiting Artists Karen Baker (1st Place Winner), Christina McFaul (honorable mention) Robin Bell, Bonnie Blake, Carla Blumenkrantz, Julie Blydenburgh, Barbara Boissevain, Joanne Chase-Mattillo, Joseph Doherty, Dean Forbes, Helen Glazer, Mark Harding, Mark Indig, Calli McCaw, Yulia Morris, Michael Notrica, Gordon Ownby, Rollence Patugan, Daryl-Ann Saunders, Eric Smith, Lacey Terrell (3rd Place Winner), Jonas Yip (2nd Place Winner) and Carl Young


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