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Shots Magazine and letting down the Mask

Thank you so much Shots magazine for including my image, Owl eyes, in the latest publication. I received the issue in perfect timing, it was a silver lining.

🎭 Thoughts on the masks we wear 🎭 and how vulnerable it feels to put myself out there.

Today I felt all the highs and lows. The big melting pot of life. I pinpointed it to a few things. Some more familiar worries- like my concern for the future of humanity and if younger generations will know how to socialize and BE with other humans outside of virtual platforms. However, there was something else as well. I realized it was the portfolio reviews I have this week and this whole conversation I was having around it. My desire to share and have others feel how passionate I am about this work that has taken over three years to create. Will I be able to effectively communicate the purpose and vision that I have.

But I always come back to why I made these photographs, and that was for myself and my children. I do feel like I have attracted my tribe these last few years because I followed my heart and made photographs that reflect a part of who I am and what is important to me as opposed to following the popular trends of the day.

In my struggles, stories (I will spare you the rants) and preparing for my review, I start to question everything. Is humanity going downhill and is the work great enough to inspire others. Then as if my guardian angel had my back, I open the mail and see this image, Owl eyes - of my beautiful son and realize that my faith, hope, and love has been instantly restored. It’s not that having my image in a magazine made the world right again. It was something about seeing the innocence and remembering my vision for that image and how it came to life. How much I LOVE creating and opening others' eyes to something I fear so many have forgotten; We are nature, it is not outside of us, it is us. When I step into an ancient moss forest enveloped by all the different hues of green or sit and admire the ocean, the qualities of the water, reflection of the sun and how the dolphins play in the waves… these moments bring me back. They bring me home to myself and the great mystery of life. 🌱✨

So now I look forward with excitement and gratitude to be meeting with some exceptional reviewers and receiving any feedback they have to offer. If it will make me a better photographer and better storyteller it is worth it. So here I am more thrilled than ever when I think of all the possibilities that could come from this. I look forward to connecting and having all the synchronicities flow in with ease and grace. I know when I put myself out there, my reality is created by me.


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