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Reflections on the LA ART SHOW

The LA Art Show was phenomenal!

To see all the artists that were housed under one roof in the LA Convention Center in their respective galleries would have meant taking a flight across North America if not the world. It was an exciting, immersive, insider art experience. The exhibits were full of sensory overload with over 100 galleries in the convention center.

One of the most Mind Blowing moments - was after seeing our stunning LACP booth, we walked 3 booths down and found Jackson Pollock’s paintings. That was a whole experience! Looking at all the layers of paint and materials by holding up a magnifying glass to the painting. As we were talking with the gallerists we found out that the total amount for the grouping of paintings is worth a Starting point of 100,000,000! Hard to wrap your head around that! If this show is anything like real estate then I think all our work at LACP should have bumped up into the 7 or 8 digits easily!

As we walked around the show, every corner turned felt like a new unknown cobblestone street in Florence, we never knew what we would find but we knew it would be good.

Here are a few of my favorite artists and installations

Ariel Vargassal “Bee Careful with our Planet” and Humble Bumble Bee

A space of symbolic relationships between the subject and the animal. Sensitivity to the wild.

In Megan Read’s highly refined figurative and still life paintings the subjects are placed in dark, vast environments giving the viewer a glimpse into calm, contemplative worlds. Her quiet shadowy works revolve around traditional elements like flowers or the nude figure but often include contemporary references. Working in oil at large scale her paintings explore the concepts of human expansion, contraction, vulnerability, armor and other contradictory themes such as the perpetual or constant versus the transitory and contemporary. These paintings are aspirational portraits of multiple selves: who you are, who you want to be, and all of the you’s that must coexist.

And of course I am continually inspired by my fellow photographers at Los Angeles Center of Photography. The diversity, uniqueness, creativity, and sense of humor in the images shown was extraordinary. You can still view the show and buy artwork by clicking the link below to Artsy.


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